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Emergency Call Out

Have you got a tree that is causing a threat to its surroundings? Perhaps a road has been blocked by a fallen tree or branch? During severe weather conditions trees can become damaged and in some cases unstable.

AGDJ Brown Contractors offer a 24 hour call-out service. Whether it is clearing fallen brushwood, remedial pruning work to make a tree safe or the complete removal of a fallen tree or trees, we can help. The damage a tree could do to your property or surroundings isn’t worth the risk. If you are worrying about the stability of a tree don’t put off getting something done about it today.

Our experts will get to you quickly and will assess the tree to take the necessary action to ensure the tree is safe.

Coming to your rescue

AGDJ Brown Contractors offers a prompt and professional emergency tree service to Norfolk and the surrounding area.

A fallen tree can cause a massive disruption, we have the best equipment to get the job done safely and quickly to minimise any inconvenience.

24 hour call-out service: 01953 799857 / 07850 391130

Logs & Woodchips
01953 799857
07850 391130

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